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Welcome to Extol Color Coatings, Inc.
Extol Color Coatings Inc.

Extol Color Coatings Inc. is a leading manufacturer of acrylic sports surfacing systems and surface preparation products.

Extol Color Coatings Tennis court paint is a superior 100 % water-borne acrylic resin, low odor decorative finish, specially produced for exterior and interior asphalt and concrete tennis courts. It is also suitable for other similar sports surfaces. It extends the life of the asphalt surface and reduces the effects of weathering.. Extol Color Coatings products are available in a full range of standard and custom colors perfect for sport and walkway applications. Minimal maintenance costs make it very economical and all of our surfaces are 100% environmentally friendly.


Over 30 years of experience and engineering go in to each and every Extol Color Coating products. This ensures that you're playing on the most technologically advanced product available. We incorporate advancements in design and engineering into multi-sport floors, basketball systems and associated products to deliver superior products for professional play or family fun.


Our Products

We offer quality products at competitive prices.

Our surfaces systems are available in a full range of standard and custom colors that are perfect for almost any types of applications including sports surfaces and walkways.

Our surfaces are known to last for decades making our products not only economical  but also 100% environmentally friendly.


Quality Assurance

Extol Color Coatings, Inc. is committed to the success of your surfacing project by providing quality products a long with technical services to architects, engineers, club owners, tennis professionals and players alike. Our professional staff of chemists, technicians and color experts are well-known for their innovations and problem solving expertise.

The Extol Color Coatings, Inc. Customer Service Team provide personalized attention and support to our entire worldwide network of partners and affiliates.



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